Ambrose Telemedicine

Have a physician review your eligibility for testing from your home

In-depth genetic testing and reporting from the comfort of your own home.

We are integrated with a network of expert physicians to provide telemedicine services to our customers. Upon submitting your request for any of our tests, a physician will reach out to you for a consultation. This consultation is mandatory prior to moving forward and will allow the physician to determine whether or not you meet medical necessity.

Get Started With Telehealth

How Ambrose Telemedicine works

Now, getting guidance for your tests and answers to all your questions is easier than ever before.

Speak with a Telemedicine Physician and avoid crowded waiting rooms where your health could be at further risk. They will answer any questions you have regarding the tests. It’s safe, secure, and it costs you nothing.

Do you qualify?

Fill in your information on our secure web form so we can review your personal and family health history and determine your eligibility for our test(s).

Connect with Ambrose

Our friendly, expert team members will contact you to review the information you submitted, answer any questions you may have and verify your medical insurance will cover you for the cost of testing.

Physician Consultation

Speak with an expert telemedicine physician regarding your request, have all your questions answered and determine if you meet medical necessity to receive the test. If approved, we will send you your kit.

Receive Your Test Kit

Once you receive your kit, follow the instructions in order to administer the test on yourself, or go to your local health care provider and have them conduct it for you.

Send Kit To Lab

Send us your sample immediately by placing it back in your mailbox for pickup or dropping it off at a USPS near you.