Pioneering Molecular Diagnostics to Help People Live Longer, Fuller, Healthier Lives

Our mission is to push science to its boundaries to effectively, accurately and safely enhance your health.

Why Ambrose?

Our vision is to develop cutting edge diagnostic tests that can assist in preventing some of the world’s most common diseases.

Ambrose Health is a preventative health care company that leverages innovative technologies to bring state of the art genomic testing direct to consumers.

Genetic factors play a role in nine of the 10 leading causes of death in the United States - after car crashes and other accidents. In many cases, they are the cause of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

By developing an easy method to request and use our products and services, we help Americans achieve optimal health and longevity.

Our commitment is to advance patient care by offering proven transformative products that physicians can utilize to gain insights into a patients genomic profile to make more informed care decisions.

We don’t just offer test results, we strive to deliver the highest quality insights that can help doctors match patients to unique treatment options, helping accelerate the development of new patient therapies.

Values of Ambrose

Customer Satisfaction

We’re driven by our commitment to deliver exceptional experiences to our customers. We value our strong customer relationships and we are defined by them.


We deliver an unparalleled standard of excellence in everything we do, staying focused on the biggest opportunities to be meaningful to our customers.


Customers choose us because they trust our brand and people. We earn that trust by being reliable, consistent, and with the highest level of integrity.

Respect in diversity

We are a diverse and inclusive company, and serve diverse customers. We believe we are a better company when each of us feels included, valued, and respected.


By being open to different ideas from our colleagues, customers and the world around us, we will find more ways to win.


We view each other as part of the same team, delivering the brand promise as one. Individual display is essential and valued; but never at the expense of the team.


You are in great hands

We combine the best technology with some of the brightest minds to create the organization you can trust.

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