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9 Pain Management Strategies for Optimal Health (Part 1)

Julien Normand

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December 4, 2020

And, sometimes we develop conditions that result in chronic pain which can affect our quality of life and our general outlook.

Pain management means something different for everyone. 

However, we wanted to offer nine suggestions on how to manage chronic pain if you’re still searching for a solution.

1. Over The Counter Medications

This should be your first option. There are a ton of pain medications you can purchase at any pharmacy without a prescription from your doctor.

These pain ‘killers’ help modify the messages sent by the chemical transmitters that travel up your spinal cord to tell your brain that you're hurting.

You’ll need to read the labels. Some are great for pain associated with inflammation while others are designed to treat joint pain. 

Be sure to check with your doctor to ensure that the pain medication you choose will not cause an adverse reaction when interacting with any prescription medications you’re currently taking.

2. Prescription Medications

The advantage of prescription medications is that they are often more effective at treating pain.

They can also be effective at treating pain associated with specific things like intestinal pain caused by gastrointestinal conditions, for example.

Be sure you talk to your doctor about the specific problem you’re having and learn about the side effects and counter-indications of any drugs he prescribes. 

3. Cannabis

Medical marijuana is being used by a number of States to help patients with pain issues. And, while the available research is still ongoing, there are indications that cannais provides effective pain treatment for a wide variety of conditions.

CBD or ‘hybrids’ which include a small amount of THC can be taken orally with ‘edibles’ or even prepared as topical skin creams.

Be sure to check your local laws to learn whether medical marijuana is legal in your State and always buy from a knowledgeable, reputable supplier.

4. Topical Pain Solutions

Sometimes pain relief is as simple as applying heat from a heating pad or hot water bottle to the affected area. A warm cloth, heat pack or other topical treatment can work great for temporary muscle and joint pain relief.

To learn about 5 more pain remedies, go here for Part 2

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